Why should I use a penetration testing company?

You’ve either heard the term penetration testing or you’ve been told that you need to have a penetration test performed for one reason or another. But why should you use a penetration company instead of doing testing internally?

Going out and finding an external company to provide penetration testing allows you to ensure that you are testing all aspects of your project without anyone knowing what the weaknesses are beforehand. This can help as it won’t be bias on skirting around known problematic issues.

It’s been known that smaller companies will perform their own security testing inhouse using either developers or testers who know what may or may not be broken, and subconsciously pay less attention to the risks compared to other areas of the system. However, when an external company comes in to test, they can test all aspects of the system as they have no conflict and there will be no internal blame culture for things being missed during testing.

Having an external testing company also ensures you receive impartial feedback and remediation advice which may not be available inhouse.

Aren’t all companies the same?

I hear you say, selecting an external penetration test company is fair enough, but aren’t they all the same? Don’t they offer the same services and price? The answer to this is no.  Like any other company that provides services, penetration test company range from one side of the scale to the other, depending upon what your requirements are.

Some companies will only perform automatic testing, some companies will only use manual testing, some companies will use a mix of both.  There may be some companies which only perform mobile application testing, or internal or web application testing, and then they may be companies which perform everything.

Depending upon your requirements there may also be certifications that you need to look at, some companies may be more certified than others.  This can also include people who are security cleared.

How do I choose?

There’s no quick and easy answer to choosing a penetration testing company, you need to look at what your requirements are, the location of the company and what they offer compare to other companies.  For instance, do they offer a full report with remediation advice? Do they offer retesting and a follow up call after the test?  How is the report presented? Can you obtain testimonials?

Only when you have all this information, can you decide on which way to go.

TeraByte is a penetration test company who specialise in web application and internal networking testing, we utilise a mix of automation and manual testing and can keep you informed throughout the process.  Upon completion you will receive a full findings report which is granted depending upon the severity of the vulnerabilities.

If you would like to talk to us about taking out a penetration for your business, please contact us on 01325 628587 or visit: https://terabyteit.co.uk/services/penetration-testing/ for more information.

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