USB drives, letterboxes and infections

USB drives have been making the news again this week, it’s been reported that people in Victoria, Australia, have been receiving USB drives in the post which are infected with malware.  This has increased so much that the Victoria police department are now warning the public about this threat.

The criminals responsible for this are hoping that anyone who receives a USB device will plug it into their computer and become infected.  This opens the door for the criminals to do whatever they like, from turning your device into a zombie or encrypting your device with ransomware.

More information about this can be found at:

Dangers of picking up and using USB devices

The criminals are hoping that anyone who receives these USB devices will plug them into their computers for easy access. It’s a known fact that when people find or receive free equipment their security awareness takes a back seat.  It’s been widely reported that people click on unfamiliar links and documents that they find on devices – just to see what they do – at this point it’s too late.

Think first!

If you do receive one of these USB devices which are free, you should just throw away the device, however if you play a dangerous game and want to keep the device, unsure you have some anti-virus software installed first and then plug in the device.  But before you do anything further erase the device to play safe.

If you personally use USB devices, you should ensure that your data is encrypted, so that if you do happen to lose your device, your information remains out of criminal hands.

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