Virtual DPO: Your managed Data Protection Officer service

Our virtual DPO service allows you to have a Data Protection Officer available to help manage all your compliance issues within your business.

What is an virtual DPO?

DPO (Data Protection Officer) is a person who is in a position within an organisation who acts as an independent advocate for the proper care and use of customer’s information. The role of a Data Protection Officer was formally laid out by the European Union as part of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Under Section 4 of the GDPR, it is a requirement for organisations who meet a specified criteria to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Article 37 outlines the requirements for the appointment of a Data Protection Officer and Articles 38 and 39 outline requirements for the position of and tasks allocated to the Data Protection Officer.

Benefits of virtual DPO

Help to build a thorough understanding of what your data protection position is today within your organisation.
Gain access to a Data Protection professional without the added cost of having to employ a full-time person.
Fully understand data protection within your organisation and move away from being a tick box compliance exercise.
Help reduce incidents by helping to identifying root cause issues before they impact the organisation.
Help to identify training requirements across the organisation to help employees become better data guardians.
Assess corporate policies and control documents to help drive better management oversight and look for any potential holes.

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