TeraByte have partnered up with Bob’s Business to give you the best of breed cyber security training. Regardless of size, industry or geography, cyber awareness and GDPR training is vital as cyber criminals know no boundaries. Educating users helps to detect, deter and defend against the potential cyber threats facing all businesses and individuals.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Short and sweet – Each module takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, reducing staff downtime and making it easier to absorb key messages
  • Increased engagement – Our training solution boasts engagement statistics upwards of 90%*
  • Continual reinforcement – Our monthly campaigns are supported by online and offline resources
  • Accessible any time, any place – Our cloud based learning platform is mobile compatible
  • Compliance check – Modules are certified by IISP and meet the requirements of ISO 27001, PCI DSS and the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Tracking and monitoring – Our learning platform has an in-depth reporting section which will break down all the key information you need from a compliance perspective
  • Customisable – Each module can be customised to fit with your organisational policies and procedures

If your business is looking at training their staff, please get in touch with us.