Wireless penetration testing

TeraByte conducts wireless penetration testing services that assess the build and configuration of your organisation’s wireless infrastructure as well as the mobile end-points that connect in to it.

TeraByte will assess the security level of your Wi-Fi environment: this includes the assessment of authentication and encryption controls as well as how the users connect in to the wireless infrastructure, how far your Wi-Fi network extends outside of your organisation, as well as providing Wireless Intrusion Detection tests. TeraByte can also scan your wireless environments for wireless devices that are unauthorised.

Wireless testing methodology

TeraByte recognises that many employees will have wireless environments configured at home; these environments will frequently use standard security controls that can be re-used inside the corporate environment. TeraByte will look to deploy rogue access points into the organisation that will masquerade as part of the official corporate infrastructure, as well as mimicking many of the weaker security controls deployed within the home wireless environment.

As well as the above testing procedures, testing of the following will also be performed as standard:

  • Identification of unencrypted Wi-Fi networks
  • Identification of visible and hidden unencrypted Wi-Fi networks.
  • Identification of WEP based networks
  • Capture & crack weak IV pairs
  • WPA/WPA2 encrypted networks: identification of visible and invisible WPA/WPA2 networks
  • Capture EAPOL handshake and launch brute-force
  • Introduce rogue AP, de-auth & re-auth tests
  • Acquisition of passphrase/certificates
  • Injection of certificates