Penetration Testing

Protect your business

Today’s businesses suffer from the threat of cyber attacks on a daily basis. Businesses must identify the risks which affect them whilst demonstrating that they are resilient and compliant with today’s security standards. To combat these attacks, TeraByte offer several solutions to help you with your information security.

Conducting a penetration test will allow you to identify threats to your business through cyber security, by performing scans and utilising the same actions as malicious attackers do, our security consultants will be able to highlight and report upon your weaknesses and help you to remediate to prevent risk.

Not only does penetration testing allow you to see how vulnerable your business is at the time of the test, but it will also help you to plan your risk assessment and help you understand where you need to concentrate.


Internal infrastructure testing allows you to check to see if your desktops, switches, printers, routers and applications are all secure.Our security consultants will come in and perform the same type of actions as a malicious attacker. This allows you to see where your weaknesses are within the internal network.

Web application

If you develop web applications, especially if they are exposed to the internet, you are vulnerable to any number of attacks, whether performed automated or manually. Our security consultants will test your applications to ensure that they are as secure as possible and reduce any risk of compromise.


Wireless networks are usually forgotten about, but do you know how secure your business wireless network is? Do you know who can access it? Is the guest network connected to the internal network? Our security consultants will perform several tests as well as performing an audit to see where you are most at risk.

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