Managed data protection service

TeraByte’s virtual DPO service allows you to subscribe to a monthly service giving you access to a remotely accessible Data Protection Officer. The virtual DPO is able to manage and recommend resolutions for data protection and GDPR related questions within your business through means of a cost effective managed service.

What is a Virtual DPO?

A Data Protection Officer is responsible for overseeing data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. It is important to assign this role without a conflict of interest; such as company directors and HR representatives for the particular company.

The Solution

Data Audit

A review of the data that your company holds and how it is managed. This includes how data is captured, disclosed to third parties and if data is exported outside the EEA.

In order to comply with the requirements of GDPR it is advised for a company to conduct a data audit. Getting the data audit correct is paramount as a starting point to implement the necessary changes. With this in mind it is a requirement for TeraByte’s monthly managed DPO service for this to be carried out prior to a contract being accepted. This can be carried out via onsite visit or a remote service.

Monthly Managed Service (Virtual)

This service provides a named contact for the business as their data protection officer on a virtual basis. After the data audit has been successfully completed, TeraByte can provide a monthly service via helpdesk option to ensure the business has access to the advice they need  for their compliance requirements.

Staff Training

It is important that your staff are trained in the new business practices required by the new regulation. In order to operate effectively, staff need to be aware of the controls which need to be followed in order to comply.

Benefits of virtual DPO

Help to build a thorough understanding of what your data protection position is today within your organisation.

Gain access to a Data Protection professional without the added cost of having to employ a full-time person.

Fully understand data protection within your organisation and move away from being a tick box compliance exercise.

Help reduce incidents by helping to identifying root cause issues before they impact the organisation.

Help to identify training requirements across the organisation to help employees become better data guardians.

Assess corporate policies and control documents to help drive better management oversight and look for any potential holes.

*The virtual DPO service is subject to terms and conditions and is for a minimum of one year