Secure data erasure

Data comes in all shapes and sizes, as the organisation grows, so does the size of its data footprint. The protection of data should not only be throught about when in use, but should also be throught about during the destruction and removal of hardware. As more and more organisations go digital, organisations manage and track storage devices of all shapes and sizes.

It’s now more important than ever that organisations manage their data securely – and in compliance with regulations – not just in storage and transit, but also at the end of its lifecycle.

When data is not fully erased, or storage devices are removed with information left intact, sensitive and confidential files may be left behind. The organisations level of risk is escilated and a possible threat of a data breach or theft increases. Having the correct processes and policies in place will not only protect your organisation from potential data breaches but will also ensure they’re adhering to international standards.

Security perimeter

One solution, any device

Securely erase data from any type of data storage device.

TeraByte can help you completely remove data from end of life storage devices before recycling or reuse with data erasure software. Where necessary, our secure erasure foffering can also help to securely wipe targeted data from active storage environments such as individual files and folders, virtual machines or LUNs.

HDDMobile deviceRemovable mediaFile and folder
High speed, efficient and secure erasure from any type of hard disk drive.Permanently erase data from all smartphones and tablets and conduct mobile diagnostics.Sanitise flash-based storage media such as USB thumb drives and SD cards.Automate and schedule the targeted erasure of specific files and folders.
SSDServerVirtual machineLUN
Achieve complete erasure of residual data from solid state drives.Completely erase server environments with RAID dismantling and pass through.Erase sensitive data on virtual machines using automatic or manual processes. Simple integration with VMware.Securely erase data from specific LUNs in an active storage environment.

No matter what the device or the situation, TeraByte can provide you with peace of mind that your data has been permanently erased. All of our solutions generate an auditable, tamper-proof certificate of erasure to prove that all data has been removed.

Why should you use our Secure data erasure service?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO:27001 standard both require organisations to have a process in place for permanently erasing customer data, using appropriate technical measures. Non-compliance can lead to large regulatory fines, data leaks and considerable damage to reputation. TeraByte can help you achieve compliance and maintain good IT asset disposal practices by implementing auditable and secure processes using state-of-the-art data erasure software:

Hardware refresh

If you are performing a hardware referesh, our managed service can ensure that all of your devices are  permanently erased and provide a certificate of erasure for your records. Once your devices have been erased you can their eithre re-use the devies for additional storage or be confident that you can dispose of the devices without data leakage.

Device reuse

When employees leave an organisation, their corporate devices should be wiped clean before they are redeployed to other users. By using data erasure software, you can help ensure that your desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets are securely wiped before reuse. Afterwards you will receive a report for your records.

RMA process

When devices need to be returned under warranty, it is imperative to firstly ensure that no residual data remains on the data storage device. We can help you  securely erase your business data from any device before it is returned to the vendor.


If this service sounds of interest to you, please get in touch with us and your requirements to see how we can help you protect your data and ensure that your devices have been erased securely.