Phishing Awareness Training

Fight phishing with our fully managed simulation service to test and train your staff

Phishing has become one of the top cyber security risks for organisations. The latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey reports that 43% of businesses experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months – with 75% of these attacks stemming from phishing emails.

Professional fraudsters are quick to target any vulnerabilities. While the implementation of technical controls is often the main focus of your IT security, it is vital to ensure you do not leave another important line of attack unguarded: your employees.

  • Can you be confident that your employees understand the risks of following links or opening attachments within emails?
  • Are they aware of the practice of phishing?
  • Would they know how to spot the tell-tale signs of increasingly sophisticated fake emails?

Designed to take on the identity of a trusted institution – such as your bank, internet services provider, HMRC or a supplier – phishing emails target your employees to trick them into providing security credentials or installing malware. And, as the stats show, they are all too often successful.


    Our solution sends out fake phishing emails to accounts which are nominated by you. While the emails may look like the real thing, if somebody clicks on a link within the email or enters any credentials, no harm will be caused. Instead, they will be taken to a page to inform them of their error, highlighting the signs they should have spotted that indicate this was a phishing email.


    By allowing your staff to experience these types of emails in a controlled environment within the course of a normal working routine, your users will be actively learning from any mistakes in a very real but safe environment. They will then be able to apply this learning to become better at identifying phishing attempts in the future.


    An online portal allows you to access reports on demand on the level of risk and improvement within your organisation. Find month by month overviews, drill down to individual users and see any real phishing attacks that your staff have spotted.


    From only £10 + VAT per user per month this solution is an affordable solution to ensure that your business remains safe and that your employees undergo awareness training for email phishing.

    Portal screen shots

    Are you interested in testing the awareness of your staff with our Phishing awareness training campaigns? Get in touch today.