Cyber Health Check

What is a cyber health check?

A cyber health check is a means of assessing your external and/or internal IT systems, to ensure that your business is doing the best it can to help guard against any cyber attacks and to ensure that your business data and reputation is kept intact.  The cyber health checks will not guarantee that you are safe and secure, but they will help you understand your cyber protection stance and identify what needs to be added, improved or updated.

Why have a scheduled health check?

When businesses are asked if they are concerned about cyber crime, the majority of businesses will say ‘I’ve got nothing of value, why would anyone hack me?’.  Unfortunately, it’s not a case of if they will hack you, it’s a case of when.

What you need to think about is what is of value to you, as a business? If your business no longer has any access to your client contact information or your IT systems due to malicious attack, could you still continue to trade?  Ransomware can and will hold businesses to ransom demanding payment before your systems are released back to you, if at all, after payment.

How does it work?

Our certified security consultants will meet with you at your place of business to discuss confidentially about any initial concerns you may have with your current business practices, procedures or infrastructure.  Any information obtained during this meeting will not be disclosed to any third party (unless required by law).

Our security consultant will look at your business from the point of of a malicious attacker who has the motivations of competitive advantage, disruption or extortion, and then from a defensive point of view i.e. detection of attack, mitigation and management.

The outcome of the health check will be a confidential report in a way that’s easy to understand where the strengths and weaknesses exist and an action plan.

As part of the report will be a section that you will be able to take to a support company or individual that provides guidance on what must be put in place to effectively manage the threats discovered in the assessment.