Reasons to conduct a penetration test

When the words penetration test are mentioned, a lot of times I end up receiving weird looks with the reply of, you want to penetrate what? So what is a penetration test and why should you conduct one within your business?

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is conducted by an ethical security consultant who uses the same tools and techniques as the malicious attackers. By going onsite to businesses and performing testing using the same tools, the business can identify where they are at risk, whether this is through not changing default credentials, to machines not being patched or by users having weak passwords.

Once a penetration test has been performed you will be presented with an easy to read report highlighting the areas of risk to the business with ways of remediating the issues.

For more information on penetration tests, or if you would like to book a test, visit TeraByte’s penetration test site at:

Why conduct a penetration test?

  1. Locate your weakness before someone else does

By having a test performed both externally and internally (ideally) you are ensuring that you have all your weaknesses identified, whether this is default credentials and settings or vulnerable devices.

  1. Meet compliance with industry standards

Penetration tests help you meet compliance with industry standards, if you handle and process credit card information you need to have a penetration test.

  1. Have piece of mind knowing that your business systems are safe

Sleep better knowing that a third party company have overlooked your business and checked to make sure all the weak areas are locked down and not exposing your business.

  1. Reduce your risk within the business

This one goes hand in hand with the previous reasons but having a test will reduce your risk of being compromised (if all issues are remediated).

  1. Reduce your insurance policy

Insurance companies are now starting to reduce the cost of their insurance policies if you can prove that you have had regular penetration testing.

  1. Help comply with GDPR / DPA 2018

Having a penetration test will help you identify any weak areas within your business and help keep information safe and secure, thus helping to comply with the GDPR / DPA 2018.

If you have any questions about this blog article, or you would like to discuss penetration testing (or any other service to secure your business), please get in touch with us at: 01325 628587 or email us at: [email protected].

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