It’s official, we’re certified

Its still early in 2017 and already we have achieved a lot, not only have we launched a new website that look a lot cleaner and fresher, but we’ve also released a lot more products and services which are on offer to help you, the customer stay protected against cyber related incidents.

However, as of February, we’re now officially a Cyber Essentials PLUS certification body (not to mention Cyber Essentials PLUS certified).  This is not only a great achievement for TeraByte to have, but it also gives our suppliers and customers the assurance that we are doing the most we can to ensure that we keep data safe at all costs.

What is Cyber Essentials PLUS?

We’ve spoken about Cyber Essentials many times in these posts, however, what’s different this time is, that we’ve taken it up a level.  Cyber Essentials comes in two levels, Level 1 is the basic self-assessment version, Level 2, is Cyber Essentials PLUS, which involves an onsite audit by the assessor.

The Cyber Essentials PLUS (CE+) level can only be taken once you have been certified for the basic self-assessment version, once this has been achieved you can go down the road of ensuring your business is doing everything it can.

There are five controls that are covered which your company must comply to, these being:

  • Border Firewall / Gateway
  • Malware protection
  • Secure Configuration
  • Access Control
  • Patch Management

You will need to have an initial talk with the CE+ assessor (in this case TeraByte) who will discuss the need to achieving CE+ and talk about what will be in the scope of the assessment.  Once agreed, the assessor will go onsite and perform a vulnerability assessment across all devices which have been agreed (anything that has connectivity to the internet).  Then once completed you either pass or fail the certification.

TeraByte will work with you, the client all the way through this process, and ensure that you always come out with a Pass.

What does CE+ mean for TeraByte?

CE+ means that we take information security seriously, that we take a security minded approach to business operations.  We look at our systems, practices and procedures to see where the risks are on a regular basis.  We’re audited on an annual basis by an external assessor to ensure we’re ticking all the boxes.

What does this mean for you?

As a customer of TeraByte, you should be pleased by our certification, as well as our status of being a Certification Body for Cyber Essentials PLUS.  This certification should provide reassurance to you that we are processing your data securely and that you can place your trust in the security of our technical services.

We can prove to you, that we not only take security seriously, but that everyone in our business is cyber security aware.

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