Hacking public wireless, its child’s play

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Recently TeraByte IT were asked to help in a public wireless security awareness campaign alongside VPN provider HideMyAss,com , HideMyAss wanted to raise awareness that the general public need to play safe when connecting to these public wireless networks.

In the experiment a 7 year old child, obtained information off the internet and followed some basic instructions on how to access / sniff data from a wireless network.  From this she was able to obtain information (from a controlled environment) that was being sent over the wireless to the Internet within 10 minutes,

Our Managing Director, Marcus Dempsey was quoted as saying:

“Adults need to get their heads around online security basics – and stick to them whenever they connect to an unsecure network.

As for children, while it’s admirable educators are focusing on skills like coding, it’s important to teach them about the dangers that lurk online, as well instilling a clear sense of the ethics – just as we did with the child that participated in this experiment. After all, as easily as one can now code a computer game, so one can fall into the dark world of hacking.”

How to stay safe?

  • Now your wondering how do I stay safe whilst connected to these public networks?
  • Make sure you use a firewall and its turned on
  • Ensure your anti-virus software is enabled and up to date
  • Ensure that your laptop or mobile device is fully patched and up to date
  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) software from a vendor such as HideMyAss.com
  • Make sure you browse browse websites that start with HTTPS at the start of their website address
  • Don’t enter personal information into websites, if you don’t have to.

Campaign Links

Some of the links to the campaign are as follows:

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