Deliverooo: Hacked?

Deliveroo, one of the latest takeaway delivery food services, that allow you to order food from your favourite restaurant (which are part of the network) and be delivered straight to your door has been hacked.

The company has recently suffered a cyber-attack on their websites, reports of customers being charged for deliveries that hadn’t been made started to make the news.  It appeared that orders were being processed and delivered to random addresses across the UK, some people were saying that they were seeing bills up to £200.

Deliveroo have sad that their systems were not hacked, instead people have been reusing their credentials across multiple website and that their details have been obtained from other hacks this year.

Deliveroo have reimbursed all affected users.

How to stay safe?

Always make sure you use a dedicated password for every website you visit online, this may sound like a lot of work to start with, but it becomes much easier when used with a password manager.

If you use a different password for all websites, this means that if a site is breached, your credentials are only affected and not for all sites that you have used that password with, thus reducing your exposure.

If you haven’t already look at signing up to the data breach notification service: this site will inform you if your email address has been found in any breaches, giving you a heads up.

Next, you should use a password manager like the following:

Hope this helps you stay safe, and remember, don’t reuse passwords.

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