Cyber Essentials training

Cyber Essentials SchemeTeraByte IT are proud to announce that we are now offering 3 levels of remote support to help your business achieve the Cyber Essentials Certification from IASME.   This will all be provided through email so there’s no having to sit through a long winded day of training, you work on it as and when needed.

[h2]Level one – £200 + VAT[/h2]

The basic level one helps you answer any questions about the self-assessment and how the Cyber Essentials Scheme works that you may not understand.   This is all done through email.

[h2]Level two – £400 + VAT[/h2]

The middle level, includes all of level one  as well as providing any policy templates that may be required to complete the self-assessment. 

[h2]Level three – £600 + VAT[/h2]

The top level, includes all of level two, plus TeraByte IT will check your policy content and self-assessment questions before you go for the certification. *** To sit the IASME self-assessment an additional £300 is required to be paid to IASME. *** Interested in keeping your business safe and obtaining a growing certification which is backed by the Government?  Do you supply materials to the Government?  If so you need this before October to continue being a supplier.

Contact us today to get started and we’ll help you walk through the process.

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