Trust, Integrity, Innovation and Partnership

That is what we stand for here at TeraByte.

Our Ethos

A family-owned business, we have partnerships with many companies to help us provide cost effective Cyber Protection solutions to small and medium businesses. Our ethos as an equal opportunities company is to work alongside trusted associates for mutual advantage whilst growing our business.

TeraByte aims to educate and advise companies to include information security in their risk management strategy and make them aware of the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre guidelines.

Our Vision

Vision Statement: To increase awareness of the importance of cyber security to 80% of businesses by 2022, and to protect their data from attacks.

We seek to do this using innovative methods to enable organisations to meet the recommended Information Security standards. Businesses can be assured that their data, assets and reputation are protected from cyber breaches, attacks and other threats.

Management team


profile_picMarcus Dempsey has close to 30 years of experience in computing, starting out with programming and system administration before training in ethical hacking.

A number of his corporate clients retain his services year after year, and the high regard in which they hold him has enabled him to assist a range of businesses, both large and small, to ensure that their data is protected.


Laura Dempsey has worked in customer services, sales and marketing, allowing her to develop excellent organisationlaura profile skills. She has a knack for making things happen, and prides herself on working to short deadlines and ensuring processes run smoothly. She is responsible for the non-technical side of TeraByte’s business.

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